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Updated: Mar 22, 2021

As the world expands and technology continues to change, it can be challenging to keep up with all the expectations running a business requires. Social media for instance, is one area of business operations that grows every more vital for entrepreneurs to utilize for connecting with clients and customers—but, it is also a task that can demand a huge chunk of your work time.

It is not enough to just post a photo on your business page; now you need to also consider the consistency, quality, and quantity of images being shared. And that is where we can help!

Presets are an amazing way for business owners to save both time and money, while also growing a social media presence that is on brand! Check out these five worthwhile benefits that make presets a smart investment:


Although we always encourage entrepreneurs to invest in professional branding photography, you do not always have a photographer with you when the moment for a photo op strikes. In these instances, presets are your friend. Presets can take a grungy, dull, dark, uninteresting photos and give them life with just the click of a button!

Do not waste hours of time trying to edit and create the perfect image if that is not where your talents lie. As creative professionals, this is what we do! We know how to quickly, and efficiently, do the detailed work it takes turn your snapshots into a professional looking photograph. Save yourself from the unnecessary headaches and frustrations. Put your energy into the tasks that you are best at, the ones you enjoy, and let others help where you need it.


Creating a social media feed that is aesthetically pleasing has been proven to improve engagement, increase followers, and to raise the conversion of viewers to clients. So yes, the quality of your feed matters. If you are not someone who has an eye for visuals, it can be extremely difficult to accomplish this task. Which is where presets come in!

Having images that are cohesive, that follow a similar editing style, and that match your brand is incredibly important for a strong social media presence. But, not everyone can, nor likes to, tackle this job. Presets are an easy way to control the quality of your photos, without having to think about how.


All successful brands having something in common—they have a well-established reputation. So much so, that one only needs to read a slogan, hear a tune, encounter an image, or see a symbol and they instantly know which brand it is associated with.

Presets can help you build a reputation for your brand. The more that you stay consistent with your style, colors, and subject matter, the easier it will be for clients to recognize you as they scroll through their feed. The easier it is for clients to identify and find your business means they are more likely to search for you when they need a product or service you offer.


Presets can be used over-and-over every time you post an image—which makes it a very smart investment—once you do your research and buy a few presets that match your brand, you only have to spend money once. With the ever-expanding digital space, business owners need to post a lot of photos. Presets therefore save entrepreneurs a lot of time and allow for energy to be allocated where it's needed elsewhere.


If time is money, then what you need is to choose investments that make your business operations run more efficiently. Presets can help. Editing photos from start to finish takes a lot of effort. There are so many different settings and correction one can make—it is easy to get lost in creation! Presets take away the endless stresses over which settings to change, how much to change them, and the challenges in trying to get a consistent look between all your images. Often all it takes with presets to make your photos look fantastic is a single click of the button!

Drop us a line in the comments and let us know what other questions you have about presets. Where are you struggling? What do you find confusing? Also, be sure to check back for future posts where we share more about how to use, find, and incorporate presets into your workflow.

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—Written for Illona Jade by Mandi Ann


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