Ilona Jade

Intimate, Joyful, Authentic

I’m Ilona Jade, a family and lifestyle portrait photographer based in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas. I moved to Denton Texas from Seattle in 2018 with my husband and our baby girl. 2020 started off with a new baby for us right when quarantine hit! I had him the day quarantine was announced, talk about impeccable timing!


My journey as a photographer started out in 2009 when I was gifted my first DSLR camera and began to photograph my friends and family. Being able to freeze a moment and turn it into a photograph that can be looked back on got me hooked. Shoots that make me the happiest are ones where joy is oozing out of every image I capture. My artistic philosophy has evolved through the years and the work I deliver has been refined to authentic, intimate, and joyful portraits that I am so proud to deliver to my clients. When you become a client, you become a friend!

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