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Updated: Mar 16, 2021

We already know that presets can be a real asset to your business workflow (see our post on 5 BENEFITS OF INVESTING IN PRESETS), but with so many presets on the market, how do you know which ones are right for you? Furthermore, how do you best use them?

Below, we outline out three essential tips for how to effectively use presets:


Not all presets are created equal—so make sure to do your research. Presets are designed to give your photos a certain look, or style. It is very important that you consider your brand before you invest in something. Think about the visual message that you want to communicate through your photographs and then select presets that match that theme.

Different presets will give your images a very distinct look. Here are a few questions you might ask yourself to determine which type of preset to buy:

  • Is your brand light and airy?

  • Dark and moody?

  • Full of bright colors or muted tones?

  • Is there a specific color you want to highlight in the photos?

In addition, depending on who you buy them from, presets may require a user to work on different programs or apps. Make sure that you have the appropriate software needed to run the presets you buy.

Finally, read reviews! Presets have become very popular, but, just like any product, there are always some that do not work the way they claim to. Check out what other customers are saying about what they like about a preset or the issues they are having using them. Often you can find helpful tips in reviews too that give you advice on how to get the best results.


With an endless number of presets available, it is easy to get lost in wanting to buy everything—but do not! You only need, and should only use, a handful of presets for your images.

One of the main purposes for using presets is to help you create a consistent look across all your images. Using too many presets means your images will lose that cohesive visual style. Select a few presets that work really well on your images, create a look you love, and then stay persistent in using only those.

Note: Because quality, content, and subject matter can drastically change a photo’s look, one preset is not usually appropriate for all images. You will almost always need at least two presets (although we recommend having three to five) to account for different editing needs—we will be addressing this more in an upcoming post, so stay tuned!


Sometimes, applying a preset to your image requires a single click of a button; however most times, using presets will demand a few more adjustments on your end before it is ready to share. Presets are designed to make corrections for very specific characteristics of an image. What works for one image, might not work for another.

A good preset should fix most of the issues with your photo, but there is a good chance your image might need a little extra love. Do not be afraid to make a few manipulations of your own after a preset is applied. It might be that the exposure needs to be just a tad brighter. Perhaps the shadows need to be lightened a little more. Maybe the colors need some more enhancement. Whatever the fix, if you are using the appropriate preset, it should only take a few extra quick clicks to get your photo just right!

Note: Record the corrections you are making to each of your images, so that you can replicate the same look for future photos!

We fully believe presets can be a huge advantage to your business. Let us know in the comments, what specific questions do you have about presets? What is giving your trouble? We want to help!

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—Written for Illona Jade by Mandi Ann

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