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Updated: Apr 19, 2021

What is holding you back from booking a branding shoot?

We often hear a range of responses from clients like they have no time, finances are tight, or they simply do not even know what a branding shoot is. However, the most common answer to this question is that clients admit it is a lack of self-confidence stopping them from having their photo taken. This fear shows up through a variety of excuses:

"I am not photogenic."

"I just need to lose 15 pounds."

"I don’t have anything to wear."

"Clients don’t need to see my face."

Sound familiar?

We do not believe there is a perfect moment to invest in a branding shoot. It is always the right time. A good photo is created through proper use of lighting, lens choice, posing, composition, and other techniques we will not bother you with. What you need to know is that the most important elements for a great image are relatability and connection; and believe it or not, the secret to achieving these is through a photo shoot experience itself. The very thing clients so often fear is actually the solution to overcoming it!

Still not convinced? Check out these four ways in which a branding shoot is actually perfect for boosting your self-esteem:


A branding shoot is just as much of an investment in yourself, as it is your business!

A photo session is a big financial commitment, which means you want to give it everything you have got! As you prepare for your shoot, it is important to dedicate time to things that make you feel good: finding the right wardrobe, getting your hair done, scheduling a manicure or pedicure, taking time to pump yourself up by rocking out to some good music, getting a good night’s rest—basically indulging in some self-care. You are worth it, and you absolutely deserve it. Plus, investing a little time in yourself can go a long way in uplifting your spirit and encouraging some self-love.


A branding session requires you to ask and answer difficult questions about your business.

To capture images that truly represent who you are and what you do, you need to share those pieces of your story with your photographer. For many clients this is either the first time, or at least first in a long while, they dive deep into examining the real purpose behind what they do. This part of the branding experience is a great way to build confidence in yourself as a business owner by connecting with the things that inspire and motivate you.


Your photographer is not expecting you to have all the answers—use this as an opportunity to learn from an expert.

Details like where to shoot, what props to use, which way to pose, or how to create genuine expression are steps your photographer will guide you through. There is no one size fits all method when it comes to photographing clients—everyone is unique and requires different approaches to create the best photos. What works for one, or looks good on another, may not be the right choice for you.

Pay attention to the suggestions your photographer gives you, or the compliments they pass along during your shoot; you can learn a lot about what type of poses, lighting, energy, environment, colors etc. compliment your style. Use these tips in the future and try incorporating them into your personal photographs sometime—you will be amazed at how much you can learn about yourself when you connect with the right photographer!


It is not always easy to accept a compliment, but you better be ready for them!

Are you killing it with your smile? Did you just nail that pose? Do not get us started on those eyes. Wait, did you really propose that amazing idea for the next shot?

Although you might feel awkward, unsure, or worried your photographer is seeing magic through their lens. When all the elements come together, they can feel it; so, do not be surprised to hear your photographer shouting compliments when the moment strikes. It is important that you understand too these compliments are genuine, heartfelt, and honest. Photographers cannot help it; it is just in their nature to get excited when they know how incredible the final results will be.

The energy you receive from your photographer is contagious! We urge you to accept the praise, believe in it, and use it to fuel your confidence moving forward—even beyond the shoot.

If you have been holding out on booking a photo shoot because you are "waiting for that perfect opportunity," we hope you will reconsider waiting after reading this post. A photo session can be incredibly empowering and may just give you that boost in confidence you have been looking for!

—Written for Ilona Jade by Mandi Ann


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