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Top Picks from my Summer FAMILY shoots!

Summer was full of beautiful memory making for these families. I feel so honored that I get to capture these lovely people and their littles. It has dawned on me how VITAL it is for families to hire a family photographer that is experienced with small children and specializes in families with small children. A lot of my clients from this summer where just shocked how smooth I was with their kiddos. This wasn't always the case. After ten years of photography and having my own two toddlers, I began to learn everything I could that would help me from working with tantrum toddlers, crying toddlers, shy kids, all of the things you can think of. I can walk into a shoot confidently now and as long as the parents just focus on me and having fun, I can get their littles to have the most fun on their "family date nights" with me. Enjoy these and let me know which photos stood out to you.


Ilona Jade

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