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  • What Are Presets?
    Presets are quick one-click editing solutions for use in Lightroom for desktop and mobile and Photoshop ACR for desktop (CC and later). My presets change dozens of settings in the touch of a button to instantly transform your images with a clean professional edit.
  • How Do I Install Presets in Lightroom 7.3 & Later?
  • How Do I Install Presets in Lightroom 1.0 & Later?
    Note: This version of Lightroom (formerly Lightroom CC) syncs to the Lightroom mobile app on iOS/iPadOS/Android/ChromeOS automatically as long as you are logged into the same Adobe account across devices.
  • How Do I Install Presets in Photoshop CC?
  • How Do I Install Presets in Photoshop 21 & Later?
  • How Do I Install Presets for Lightroom Mobile on iOS/iPadOS?
    To begin, you will recieve a download link via email. 1. From that email, click "Download" to download your files: 2. Your iPhone should respond with a prompt reading "Do you want to download...?" Click "Download" to download your files. 3. Once you click "Download" you should see an icon pop up to the right of your search bar that looks like an downward pointing arrow inside of a circle. Click this icon to view the progress of your download. Click on your download to quickly navigate to it in your Files app. (If you do not have the default Apple "Files" app installed, you will need to re-install it in the App Store to unzip your files.) 4. In "Files" your download will appear as a white .zip file. Click on this to extract/unzip your files. A blue folder should appear containing your newly unzipped files. Click to open the blue folder and view your files. 5. Inside the blue folder you should either see "Select" or a "..." file options menu in the top right. (If you only see the "..." menu, click this and then click "Select".) You should then see the option to "Select All" on the top left. Click this option to select all of your newly downloaded presets. Once selected, click on the "Share Icon" on the bottom left of your screen. The share icon will appear as a box with an Up arrow. 6. In your Share Options you should see the option to Share these files to your various applications. Locate and click on the Lightroom Mobile app. 7. You will then see a message that your files will be shared to Lightroom on the Next Launch. Select "Launch Lightroom Now" from this menu. 8. In Lightroom your DNG presets will appear as images in your Lightroom Library. These images contain all relevent preset data. Select one to open into "Edit" mode. Click on the circle with "..." on the top right of this screen to see your "Edit" options menu. 9. From the "Edit" options menu select "Create Preset" to save your DNG file as a Lightroom preset. 10. To save your preset first you will name the preset accordingly. (Ex: "Jade + Kahla"). You will then create (the first time) or select your preset group. You would name your Preset Group after the collection. You will not check or uncheck ANY boxes. Once you have named your file and designated a preset group click the checkmark on the top right to save. You will do this for each of the 11 DNG presets. 11. Once you have saved all of your presets to your newly created preset group, now is the time to locate that group and use your new presets! First open the image you would like to edit in Edit mode, then scroll over to presets. From the presets tab you will simply click on the small downward pointing arrow next to the currently selected Preset collection in your Presets tab, and then locate your group from the list that pops up. Once you can see your newly saved presets simply click on your desired preset to test it out on your image, and then click the check on the top right to apply.
  • How do I Install Presets into Lightroom Mobile for Android?
    Important: Make sure you purchased XMP files and NOT DNGs. Lightroom mobile for Android requires the import of XMP presets as of the April 2020 update.
  • How Can I Take Great Photos at Home?
  • How Can I Get a Perfect Edit with Jade Presets?
    While you can always get a great edit by automatically correcting your White Balance settings, my favorite edits skew a little warm in temperature so for a truly Jade Signature edit, I recommend bumping things a little warmer!
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